Travel Info to Tanka Village, Villasimius (Sardinia, Italy)

Villasimius is a town located on the southern coast of Sardinia, Italy, about 50 kilometers east of Cagliari. The conference venue is the VOI Tanka Village, a resort just a short walk from the beach and approximately 3 kilometers from the center of Villasimius.

How to reach Villasimius

The most convenient way to reach Villasimius is by flying to Cagliari-Elmas Airport, which is connected to various Italian and European cities. Further information about the Airport and how to reach it can be found on the Cagliari-Elmas Airport official website. To reach the center of Villasimius from Cagliari airport, there are various options including using public transport or booking a private shuttle service.

1. With Public Transport:

FROM THE AIRPORT TO CAGLIARI CITY CENTER: There is a train service every about 20 minutes active every day of the week from 5:26 (first trip from Cagliari) to 23:07 (last trip from the airport). The train ticket costs €1.30 and can be purchased at the ticket office and Trenitalia self-service machines available at the atrium of the airport, as well as from the Trenitalia app or website.

FROM CAGLIARI CITY CENTER TO VILLASIMIUS: Villasimius can be reached by regional public transport buses operated by ARST. Lines 101 and 135 depart from Cagliari train station at Piazza Matteotti. The bus trip takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, with a ticket cost of €4.30. Tickets can be purchased using the DropTicket and Tabnet apps. Alternatively, they can be purchased at ARST ticket offices and authorized sales points. We recommend visiting the ArstFinder web app to check news, schedules, bus stops, ticket fares and available sales points.

2. With Private Shuttle:

There is also a private shuttle service, Villasimius Express, connecting Cagliari-Elmas Airport to Villasimius. This service is available by reservation only. The shuttle schedule from March 25th to September 30th, 2024, is as follows:

  • Cagliari-Elmas Airport: 08:00 - 10:45 - 15:30 - 19:00 - *23:00
  • Villasimius stops at Via Aldo Moro and Via Roma: *05:30 - 09:30 - 12:45 - 17:00 - 20:30

The ticket price is €45 for the trips at 5:30 and 23:00, and €25 for the others. The ticket cost is per trip per person, with a minimum of two paying passengers. Single travelers will pay the full ticket price (€90 or €50, depending on the chosen schedule). Ticket fares do not combine with other passengers on board. For further details and bookings, visit the Villasimius Express website.

3. VOI Concierge

An option made available by Tanka Village is their Concierge service, with direct transfer from Cagliari Airport to Tanka Village You can visit their website with prices and contact them at:

How to Reach the VOI Tanka Village from Villasimius

To reach the VOI Tanka Village from the town center, the Municipality of Villasimius offers an hourly bus service starting from June 1st, with a fare of €2 for a single trip and €5 for a daily ticket (please note, however, that this information regards last year’s prices and may be subject to change once the service is reactivated in June). See last year’s dedicated page for further information on the bus stops and contacts. The more convenient stop to easily reach the resort is the one in “Via dei Ginepri - via Notteri - Timi Ama” (Stop Q). Additionally, the VOI Tanka Village provides shuttle services connecting the center of Villasimius to the resort, you can directly contact VOI Tanka Village for the schedule.